Third Annual Wiseco Performance Products Scholarship

TimeTuesday, March 17, 2020 | 11:10 AM

Third Annual Wiseco Performance Products Scholarship

On Track School, is the honorable recipient of a scholarship donated by Wiseco Performance Products. These funds will greatly assist a student in need of financial assistance. “We couldn’t be more honored to be recognized for our efforts in educating our young dedicated athletes while they achieve their dreams on and off the track.” Andrea Leib, On Track School Director and Founder.

The journey of pursuing a professional motocross career begins as soon as kids are old enough to swing a leg over a bike. Every year so many young racers put in countless hours of work on and off the bike, week in and week out, focusing on placing in one amateur national after another. The vast dedication we’ve seen throughout the years is incredibly commendable. Unfortunately, sometimes the time required for this profession conflicts with the time required for schooling.

“As strong supporters of an education, we were impressed and excited to learn about the programs offered by On Track School. The folks there are dedicated to providing a quality and accessible education for young racers, so they can pursue success on and off the track.”

“Much like racing, school costs money, so we want to do our part by offering a $2500 scholarship for a student and motocross racer. We are proud to support what On Track School is doing for the sport of motocross and we hope to see more and more racers take advantage of their programs in the near future.” Kevin Bailey, Powersports Marketing Coordinator.

On Track School is a fully accredited K-12th grade private online school. Realizing that every student learns differently, On Track provides a comprehensive program that is both personalized and flexible so that aspiring students can be successful while pursuing their dreams.

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