Racing Action Concludes From Day Two of the Sixth Annual Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross

TimeMonday, March 9, 2015 | 8:25 PM

The sixth annual Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross (RCSX) concluded two full days of racing on Monday from the historic grounds of Daytona International Speedway. With over 1,400 race entries, including some of the biggest names in amateur motocross, the AMA-sanctioned RCSX event kicked off the five-race American Motocross Championships schedule.

The amateur racing schedule got underway on Sunday with timed practice sessions in the morning, followed immediately by the start of the heat races. Monday’s racing action resumed with the remainder of heat races, followed by last chance qualifiers and of course, the Main Events.

The racing action kicked off on Sunday with heat races and the start of last chance qualifiers, with Main Events picking up throughout the day on Monday. Thirty-four Major Champions were crowned at the six-annual event, while one rider, Kylie Fasnacht, emerged victorious as the round one winner of the Women’s Motocross Championship (WMX) with a 1-1 sweep in Daytona.

Monster Energy Team Green Kawasaki’s Darian Sanyei doubled up at the highest level of competition, claiming championships in 450 A/Pro Sport and 250 All-Star A/B. Sanyei didn’t have it easy, though, with a host of heavy hitters like Mitchell Harrison, Daniel Baker, Chase Bell and Tristan Charboneau hot in pursuit throughout every moto.

In the mini classes it was Husqvarna Racing’s Jalek Swoll who came away with a pair of championships, sweeping both the Mini Sr. 1 (12-13) and Mini Sr. 2 (12-14) classes. Swoll also finished sixth in the Super Mini (12-16) Main Event.

MKS Motokicks/GPMX Motocross School’s Greg Pamart dominated the Senior/Vet ranks with a total of three championships in Daytona. Pennsylvania’s Pamart claimed a title in the Vet (35+), Vet A (30+) and Senior A (40+) classes.

In the 65cc classes, it was KTM Orange Brigade’s Matthew Leblanc who topped the field with two championships behind him. Leblanc captured the 65 (10-11) and 65 (7-11) Open titles, while also finishing second in the 85 (9-11) class.

Each of the thirty-five Main Events were broadcast LIVE on and can be viewed as an archived video now online.

For complete results from the sixth annual Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross, please click HERE.

2015 Ricky Carmichael Daytona Amateur Supercross Champions

Senior B/C (40+)          Steve Nagy (SUZ)
85cc (9-13) Open        Stilez Robertson (KAW)
College (16-24)           Brandon Hartranft (YAM)
Junior (25+)                 Zack Crosby (KAW)
Masters (50+)               Earl May (KAW)
250 C (12-16)               Zachary Robinson (YAM)
250 C (17+)                  Denner Daniel Alves (HON)
250 B                           Austin Forkner (KAW)
250 A / Pro Sport         Daniel Baker (KTM)
Girls (9-13)                   Jazzmyn Canfield (YAM)
65 (7-11) Open           Matthew Leblanc (KTM)
450 C (21+)                  Diego Tavares (HON)
Mini Sr. 1 (12-13)         Jalek Swoll (HSK)
Senior A (40+)             Greg Pamart (KAW)
Senior (45+)                 John Grewe (KAW)
85 (9-11)                      Jett Reynolds (KAW)
Schoolboy 2 (13-16)    Joey Crown (KAW)
WMX                            Kylie Fasnacht (KAW)
250 All-Star A/B          Darian Sanayei (KAW)
51 (7-8) Limited          Haiden Deegan (KTM)
51 (4-6) Limited          Will Canaguier (COB)
Mini Sr. 2 (12-14)         Jalek Swoll (HSK)
Two-Stroke (16+)          Brandon Gourley (YAM)
Vet (35+)                      Greg Pamart (KAW)
Women Amateur (12+) Gracie Vanhorn (KAW)
450 B                           John “Rookie” White (YAM)
450 A/Pro Sport         Darian Sanayei (KAW)
51 (4-8) Open              Jordan Renfro (KTM)
Super Mini (12-16)       Lance Kobusch (KAW)
Vet B/C (30+)               Steve Nagy (SUZ)
Vet A (30+)                  Greg Pamart (KAW)
65 (10-11)                    Matthew Leblanc (KTM)
65 (7-9)                                    Nick Romano (KAW)
450 C (14-20)               Tanner Olson (KAW)
Schoolboy 1 (12-16)    Challen Tennant (KTM)