2024 RCSX Supplemental Rules

The following Rules supplement the current AMA Racing Rulebook, which governs amateur racing. Current AMA members in good standing may compete. For the 2024 AMA Racing Rulebook, go HERE.

Revised: 1.11.24 


  1. Amateur Program: Pro licensed riders who qualified for the Main Event in an AMA Supercross in 2023 or 2024 are NOT eligible to participate in the program in any class.
  2. Riders who have ever been classified as a Pro, Pro-Am or “A” rider in a non-youth class, are not eligible for any “B”, “C” or “B/C” division, unless reclassified by AMA.
  3. Riders who placed in the top 5 overall in a "B" class at the 2023 AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship at Loretta Lynn’s, and who are 17 years of age or older as of January 1, 2024, are not eligible to compete in a "B" or “B/C” division, unless reclassified by AMA.
  4. Riders may not participate in a “C” division if they have ever:
    a. Received any type of OEM factory support in any class (excluding OEM contingency and trackside support);
    b. Earned a Rider Performance Value (RPV) of 15.0 or higher the previous advancement year (Nov. 1, 2022 – Oct. 31, 2023) in any class, including youth divisions; or
    c. If they have raced in a “C” division in 2022 and 2023 and have an RPV of 13.0 or higher as of Oct. 31, 2023.
    d. For more information regarding “C” class eligibility and/or reclassification, or to check RVP status, visit click amaracing.com.
  5. WMX (122-250cc) (Must be 14 to race 250cc). A women’s class. Former WMX professional licensed riders are eligible for the class.


  1. 2025 model machines, crankcases, cylinders, or internal engine components are NOT eligible in any class.
  2. Electric motorcycles are only permitted in the Mini-E class.
  3. Only production tires readily available to the general public may be used in any class.
  4. Riders may ride a limited motorcycle in a non-limited class.
  5. Limited Classes:
    a. AMA Limited Class Rules apply; refer to the AMA 2024 Motocross Limited Clarification Chart for details HERE.
    b. All parts of the exhaust system as designed by the manufacturer (OEM) for a particular model and year must remain stock. Updating to a more recent year exhaust is prohibited unless the OEM part number is the same. The silencer end cap may be changed for the sole purpose of inserting a spark arrestor, so long as there is no performance enhancement
    c. Only production tires readily available to the general public may be used.
    d. Changes that are cosmetic in nature are allowed, so long as there is no performance advantage.
    e. Violations of the Limited Class rules as determined by the protest process or by the event referee may result in disqualification from the class, or at the Qualifier level, re-assignment to the appropriate class if deemed unintentional by the event referee. A second violation within one calendar year may result in a disqualification from the class and a suspension from AMA competition for one year.
  6. For mini-cycle classes (Classes 22-30), fuel injection is permitted only if it is standard equipment on the production model.


  1. Age for Youth classes is based on the rider’s age on January 1, 2024. For all other classes, age is based on the rider’s actual age as of the day of the event.  Proof of age must be available upon request by Race Officials at any time.
  2. Riders under the age of 18 years must have a parent present or a duly notarized parental consent form, as required by the AMA Rules and Regulations, in order to participate. Minor Release and Waiver of Liability forms must be completed by the parent/legal guardian at the event upon Rider Check-in/Registration.
  3. Medical Insurance: Riders must have medical insurance coverage effective throughout the event in order to compete.  Proof of medical coverage is required upon request.
  4. Riders must declare their race numbers upon pre-entry. In the event of duplicate numbers in the same class, numbers will be assigned on a first-come basis.


  1. The race format will consist of the following:
    a. For classes with more than 34 riders: (2) Heat races, (1) Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ), and (1) Main event.
    b. For classes with 34 or less riders: (1) Heat race to determine Main event gate pic and (1) Main event.
  2. All riders will be able to participate in a minimum of two competitive events per class.
  3. The number of Heat races will be determined based on the number of entries in the class. All classes will be capped at a pre-determined number of entries.
  4. The Main event will be limited to 34 riders.
  5. This is a non-purse paying event; “A” classes will not receive a purse payout.


  1. Only the rider and one mechanic will be allowed to the starting line.
  2. The Start Procedure is as follows:
    • 2 Card will be held for 10 seconds
    • 1 Card will be held for 10 seconds
    • 1 Card will be turned sideways
    • Gate will drop between 2 and 5 seconds
    Mechanics must step behind the backstop at the display of the 1 Card.
  3. A rider may request a 2-minute grace period for minor repairs at any time prior to or during display of the 2 Card. Once the 1 Card is displayed, no additional time will be given.   Only one grace period will be given per moto.  Grace periods will not be given to clean equipment or for cosmetic purposes.
  4. Once the race has started the mechanic may go to the designated Signal Area only. If a mechanic is found to be outside the designated Signal Area or in a restricted area such as the infield, he/she will lose their privilege and will not be allowed to return.
  5. If a rider goes off the track, he must re-enter at the safest location without gaining an advantage. Riders may gain an advantage without gaining a position.
  6. Outside assistance is prohibited. If a rider needs to make repairs to their machine, they may do so on the side of the track but without assistance. Riders can receive assistance in the Signal Area.
  7. A motorcycle that returns to the paddock during the race will not be permitted to return to the competition.
  8. Motorcycles may be ridden to/from the paddock and the starting area only. Riding in unauthorized areas is grounds for disqualification.