Facility Rules

Infield RV Opening and Closing Dates:

  • Opens: Friday, March 3rd
  • Closes: Tuesday, March 7th

General Information:

  • Contained fires are allowed (small properly contained fires only). No inground pit fires.
  • All entry times are subject to change.
  • Site sizes are approximate one size and may vary.
  • Only self-contained RV’s will be allowed to access Infield camping areas. ‘Self-contained’ is defined as having on-board potable water storage, a cooking stove, a water or chemical toilet, permanently installed holding tanks with a 3-day capacity for gray or black water.
  • Stakes are not allowed on asphalt surfaces.
  • Generators are permitted; however, for the safety of our guests we recommend turning off generators in the evening and direct exhaust away from enclosed areas to prevent harm to you or your neighbors.
  • Proper ventilation is required in RV’s, campers and tents. Use caution when using generators, gas lights, stoves and heaters.
  • All vehicles (and items) must fit within the reserved site and may not impose upon neighboring site or fire lanes.
  • Vehicles/items brought into the infield may be subject to inspection.
  • Sleeping tents are not permitted in reserved camping areas. Screen or picnic tents are allowed except in the GEICO Campgrounds.
  • Potable water is provided throughout the infield at the restrooms for the exclusive purpose of filling your RV water supply.
  • “Quiet Time” in the infield and all camping areas will be observed each day from midnight to 6:00 am. For night racing events, “Quiet Time” will commence two hours after the checkered flag.
  • Dumping of waste or wastewater on the ground will result in immediate ejection from the Lot and offenders are subject to arrest.
  • DIS reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any person whose conduct is deemed disorderly or fails to comply with the terms and conditions herein. Any such refusal or ejection may be without the refund of any portion of ticket purchase price. DIS reserves the right to add or change rules without notice.
  • The use of the assigned camping space shall be for the enjoyment of the racing experience only. The use of the space for any hospitality promotion, advertisement or commercial exploitation, as determined by DIS in its sole discretion, is prohibited. Guests may be asked to remove any signage (including without limitation signage that is political, controversial or offensive in nature or that is for commercial exploitation); cease and desist any activity; have signs and/or promotional materials confiscated; and/or have the guest’s space parking privileges revoked at DIS’ sole discretion.
  • Bike washing will be available only in the GEICO Grounds Green RV area.

Prohibited Items:

  • Platforms, scaffolding, fireworks, firearms, bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards, drones, cruising or excessive and unnecessary driving is not permitted in the Infield.
  • Powered carts, three-wheeled vehicles, lift trucks, tractor trailers, unpermitted golf carts, box trucks will not be permitted on the premises.
  • Competitor Golf Carts are to remain parked on Friday and Saturday (March 5-6) and cannot be used until Sunday, March 7th.

Pet Policy:

We recognize pets are like family and want to make your visit to our Speedway the best ever. Since we do have many responsible fans and pet owners, we allow pets in our Infield areas. To make sure we are offering all of our guests the best experience possible, we ask pet owners to follow these policies. If at any time these policies are not adhered to, we will request your pet to be boarded immediately. 

  • All pets must stay within your assigned camping spot; do not walk pets along roadways.
  • Owners are responsible for cleaning up after pets and must dispose of the waste properly.
  • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.
  • Please respect your neighbors. Excessive barking or aggressiveness is not permitted.

Carbon Monoxide Alert:

Do not use portable heaters or lanterns while sleeping in enclosed areas such as tents, campers, and other vehicles. This is especially important at high altitudes, where the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is increased.

  • Vent RV generators and heater system exhaust away from or above your unit and your neighbors’ sites.

Flag Poles:

For your own safety and that of other fans around you, metal flag poles may not be erected on Speedway property. Please note the following track rules:

  • Only non-metallic flagpoles are permitted: fiberglass, PVC, vinyl.
  • Not Permitted: Steel, aluminum, other metal.
  • The top of a flagpole may not exceed maximum height of 15ft. from ground surface.
  • Flagpoles or other similar objects are NOT permitted within 20ft of an overhead electrical line.

Thank you in advance for complying with the above rules.  We want you to have a GREAT and SAFE stay at the World Center of Racing!