2024 Admission


Gate Admission
Camping & Garage Rental
Refund Policy

Gate Admission

Adult (12+) Child (5-11)
March 1-5 130 100
Fri thru Tues
March 2-5 110 80
Sat thru Tues
March 3-5 80 60
Sun thru Tues
March 4-5 60 40
Mon thru Tues
March 5 40 20
Tues only

Kids 4 & Under FREE each day.

All riders must purchase a Gate Admission ticket.

With the exception of Tuesday, there are no single-day tickets available through MX Sports. 

Note: MX Sports gate admission tickets DO NOT include Saturday Pro Supercross ticket. Guests wanting to attend Saturday's Pro Supercross must purchase tickets directly from Daytona International Speedway (DIS) at the Fan Zone Box Office, or online HERE.

Camping & Garage Rental

RCSX racers and their families will be parked in a designated camping area. In order to park in this area, camping passes must be purchased from MX Sports. Guests purchasing camping permits directly from Daytona International Speedway (DIS) will not be permitted to park in this area and will not be given a refund if requested. We encourage all racers and their families to purchase all passes from MX Sports.


Advance Onsite
Driver-Owner Lot Hookup $450 $500
Hookup $300 $350
Non-Hookup $200 $250
NASCAR Yellow Garage $150 $175
Pit Vehicle $40 $50
Extra Car $50 $60

Driver/Owner Lot Hookup:

  • Amenities: water, electric and cable TV – no sewage

Hookup Campsites:

  • Size: 20’ x 55’
  • Location: Lake Lloyd
  • Amenities: water, electric and cable TV – no sewage

Non-Hookup Campsites located near NASCAR Garage Area.

NASCAR Yellow Garages: These are the actual garages used by NASCAR!

  • Size: 15’ x 37’
  • Location: Yellow Garage
  • Amenities: N/A

Extra Car Pass:  If you have a non-camping vehicle, you must purchase an Extra Car Pass for an additional fee.  All non-camping vehicles remaining on-sight overnight must have an Extra Car Pass.

Race Day Parking/Pitting:  A Day Lot for non-camping Racers and Guests will be located behind the NASCAR Garage.  There is no fee to park in this lot.  No overnight parking in the Day Lot.  The Day Lot must be cleared 2 hours after racing daily.

Pit Vehicle Permits:

  • 2 wheeled motorcycles are NOT permitted
  • No ATV pit vehicles
  • Operators MUST be Adults (18+)
  • No lifted vehicles
  • No pit vehicles outside of the amateur pit area
  • Pit vehicles must be operated in a safe manner.
  • Speed Limit 10 MPH
  • Strict 10:00 PM curfew

Note: Electric motorized motorcycles with a throttle are considered pit vehicles. E-Bike (pedal assist) bikes are NOT considered pit vehicles and are allowed by all ages. 

Pit Vehicles may be operated by Permit only. Pit Vehicle Rules will be strictly enforced. Violators of the Pit Vehicle Rule could be asked to leave the speedway. 

Proceed to Online Entry to purchase tickets.